Old Man and An Apple

Old man, the bite has taken away so much.
Your deformity makes me laugh.
Out on the ledge I left you –
I left you without a hole to hide in, red face shriveling
under the sun’s glare, browning slowly in despair.

It’s not easy to explain the things in your world.
If you couldn’t be swallowed whole like a fawning cherry,
then you shall suffer to be sliced into appropriate sizes.
I’m no god of yours. But I could be a mouth,
a stem, a colossus, or the orchard from which you come forth.

Old man, the blood you bleed is sweet.
Your anemic face stares up at nothing.
Of my own body you remind me –
You remind me of my own worm-eaten flesh, tossed
into the cruel October air, browning slowly in despair.

It’s not easy to explain the things in my world.
When your core grows bitter you will understand me,
until then we are two apples hanging onto the same tree.
Who is this god of ours. Is he a mouth,
a stem, a colossus, or the orchard from which we come forth.




Writer’s Note: My husband, who reads my blog regularly, was so amused with my previous poem Onion that he commissioned me to write a poem about an apple. In fact, he commissioned me to write a poem about every single fruit in our fridge – rolling my eyes. In any case I thought I’d start with the apple. So here it is, enjoy it, honey!


38 thoughts on “Old Man and An Apple

  1. I found this poem very thought provoking…the imagery set my mind racing…mortality, God , our place in the universe, all the questions for which I have no answers…

    Oh and….don’t forget a poem about…honey! Thanks for visiting my blog…

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  2. I actually read this in the poetry tag when you posted it; must’ve forgotten to like it. But thanks for liking my poem! I love this one — interesting how fruit can remind you of your own mortality. But that’s just what I took from it. Have a great day! Look forward to reading your future work!

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  3. What interests me most about this poem is the attempt at empathy with the old man. One of the things poetry does best is close the perceived gap between us, not always an easy thing to do especially when living in urban environments.


    • Thank you for the comment! I’m always drawn to nature, as well as the comparison/conversation between nature and human lives. It is one of the themes I return to repetitively. I don’t really know what my poetry can do, but it seems that the possibility is boundless once I start a first verse.


    • You are very sweet but I most certainly don’t deserve this kind of praise! My poems lack so much in forms and structure. I am still learning to improve. If I can only inspire and touch the hearts of some with my poems, I would be happy enough.

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  4. I loved this piece, it brought tears to my eyes, what are we indeed but apples, slowly browning in the sun of life? “When your core grows bitter you will understand me…” Gutted by that line, so much truth in it. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I’ll stick around and read ‘Onion’.

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